क्रॉस का संदेश : The Message of the Cross(Hindi Edition)
Category Sermon
Author Dr. Jaerock Lee
Print Length 224 Pages
Publisher Urim Books
Published 2014-02-
Language Hindi
ISBN 978-89-7557-887-8 03230
Price 13.00 $
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“There was a providence of God to let us understand relativity through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and become His true and spiritual children who can feel His heart.”


This must-have book provides clear answers to questions often asked by Christians who are curious about things not directly addressed in the Bible. What was God the Creator like before the beginning of time?


Why did God create man and let him live on this earth?


Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden? Why did God send His one and only Son as an atoning sacrifice?


Why did God plan the providence of salvation through the rugged wooden cross?


These questions and more are resolved by Dr. Jaerock Lee. The book consists of spirit-filled messages of hope and salvation for all who have questions about what God wants from the faithful. As preached by Dr. Lee, the knowledge provided in The Message of the Cross will enlighten you on the deep, wide, and great love God has for His creation.

enlighten you on the deep, wide, and great love God has for His creation.









Chapter 1 God the Creator and the Bible

God Is the Creator

I Am Who I AM

God Is Omniscient and Omnipotent

God Is the Author of the Bible

Every Word of the Bible Is True


Chapter 2 God Creates and Cultivates Man

God Creates Human Beings

Why God Cultivate Human Beings?

God Separates the Wheat from the Chaff


Chapter 3 The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Adam Disobeyed With His Own Free Will

The Wages of Sin Is Death

Why Did God Place the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?


Chapter 4 The Secret Hidden Before Time Began

Adam’s Authority Handed Over to the Devil

The Law of the Redemption of the Land

The Secret Hidden Since Before the Beginning of Time

Jesus Is Qualified According to the Law


Chapter 5 Why Is Jesus Our Only Savior?

The Providence of Salvation through Jesus Christ

Why Was Jesus Hung on the Wooden Cross?

No Other Name in the World but “Jesus Christ”


Chapter 6 The Providence of the Cross

Born in a Stable and Laid in a Manger

Jesus’ Life in Poverty

Whipped and Shedding His Blood

Wearing the Crown of Thorns

Jesus’ Garments and Tunic

Nailed through His Hands and Feet

Jesus’ Legs Not Broken but His Side Pierced


Chapter 7 The Last Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross

Father, Forgive Them

Today You Shall Be With Me in Paradise

Dear Woman, Here Is Your Son; Here Is Your Mother

Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?

I Am Thirsty

It Is Finished

Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit


Chapter 8 True Faith and Eternal Life

What a Great Mystery It Is!

False Confessions Do Not Lead to Salvation

The Flesh and the Blood of the Son of Man

Forgiveness Only by Walking in the Light

Faith Accompanied with Action Is True Faith


Chapter 9 To Be Born of Water and the Spirit

Nicodemus Comes to Jesus

Jesus Helps Nicodemus’ Spiritual Understanding

When Born of Water and the Spirit

Three Testifiers: the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood


Chapter 10 What Is Heresy?

The Biblical Definition of Heresy

The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error

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