नरक : Hell (Hindi Edition)
Category Sermon
Author Dr. Jaerock Lee
Print Length 194 Pages
Publisher Urim Books
Published 2014-02-
Language Hindi
ISBN 978-89-7557-888-5 03230
Price $12.00
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“What exactly is the role of the messengers of hell? It is primarily to torture unsaved souls as they take charge of hell.”


The Holy Spirit inspired Dr. Jaerock Lee to learn about the life after death and the miserable hell. He has compiled his messages and published Hell so that countless people may know about hell with clarity and accuracy.
Many people today are curious about the life after death, but it is impossible for us to obtain any answers with our limited capacities. This book is a vivid and comprehensive account of hell, which has been partially revealed to him in the Bible. Hell also encourages you to understand the love of God who wants all souls to receive salvation and keep alert in faith.

Table of Contents








Chapter 1 Are There Really Heaven and Hell? 
 1.Heaven and Hell Surely Exist
 2.he Parable of the Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus
 3.The Structure of Heaven and Hell
 4.The Upper Grave and Paradise
 5.The Lower Grave, a Waiting Place En Route to Hell

Chapter 2 The Way of Salvation for Those Who Never Heard the Gospel 
 1.Judgment of Conscience
 2.Unborn Babies from Abortion or Miscarriage
 3.Children from Birth to the Age of Five
 4.Children from the Age of Six to Preteen Years
 5.Were Adam and Eve Saved?
 6.What Happened to the First Murderer Cain?

Chapter 3 The Lower Grave and the Identity of the Messengers of Hell 
 1.The Messengers of Hell Take People to the Lower Grave
 2.A Waiting Place to the World of Evil Spirits
 3.Different Punishments in the Lower Grave for Different Sins
 4.Lucifer in Charge of the Lower Grave
 5.The Identity of Messengers of Hell

Chapter 4 Punishments in the Lower Grave on Unsaved Children 
 1.Fetus and Suckling
 3.Children Old Enough to Walk and Talk
 4.Children from the Age of Six to Twelve
 5.Youths Who Jeered at Prophet Elisha

Chapter 5 Punishments for People Who Die after Puberty Years
 1.The First Level of Punishment
 2.The Second Level of Punishment
 3.The Punishment on Pharaoh
 4.The Third Level of Punishment
 5.Punishment on Pontius Pilate
 6.Punishment on Saul the First King of Israel
 7.The Fourth Level of Punishment on Judas Iscariot

Chapter 6 Punishments for Blaspheming the Holy Spirit  
 1.Suffering in a Pot of Boiling Liquid
 2.Climbing Up a Perpendicular Cliff
 3.Scorched in the Mouth with a Heated Iron
 4.Tremendously Large Torturing Machines
 5.Tied Up to the Trunk of a Tree

Chapter 7 Salvation during the Great Tribulation 
 1.Christ’s Advent and the Rapture
 2.The Seven-year Great Tribulation
 3.Martyrdom During the Great Tribulation
 4.Christ’s Second Advent and the Millennium
 5.Preparing to Be the Lord’s Beautiful Bride

Chapter 8 Punishments in Hell after the Great Judgment  
 1.Unsaved Souls Fall into Hell after the Judgment
 2.The Lake of Fire & the Lake of Burning Sulfur
 3.Some Remain in the Lower Grave Even After the Judgment
 4.Evil Spirits to Be Confined in the Abyss
 5.Where Will the Demons End Up?

Chapter 9 Why Did the God of Love Have to Prepare Hell? 
 1.God’s Patience and Love
 2.Why Did the God of Love Have to Prepare Hell?
 3.God Wants All People to Receive Salvation
 4.Boldly Spread the Gospel

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