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1660 Bestselling Author Dr. Jaerock Lee published new spirit-awakening poetry collection `Tears` 2017.05.04


Dr. Jaerock Lee’s, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church, published the second spirit-awakening poetry collection Tears, Christian Telegraph reports according to press release. It's the touching voice of love that enlightens us concerning the value of our existence, noted in press release.

This collection of poetry titled Tears was authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. It is composed of inspirational poems written in the form of confessions of faith that is more than sufficient to present the reader with deep emotions and grace. This second poetic work Tears has again been brought to the readers through deep prayers and clear inspirations. The work consists of four chapters that introduce the loving confessions shared between God and His prophets, between the Lord and His disciples, and the confessions of the heart made to the flock by the pastor and shepherd.

The confessions of the Lord who gave up even His life and the confessions of the disciples who walked the way of suffering for the sake of the Lord that appear in this book, give the readers vivid inspirations as if we were able to see it with our eyes and hear it with our ears. It helps readers to easily understand and feel the depths of the love of God. If the readers continue to follow the levels of love delivered by this work, they will be able to grasp true meaning of human cultivation and listen to warm voice of God who loves mankind so much.

While living on this earth, we shed many kinds of tears. They are the tears of thanksgiving, joy, longing, pain and sorrow, regret, etc. There is a recording of a woman in the Bible who met Jesus, wet His feet with her tears, and was completely changed. She is Mary Magdalene.

Upon hearing the news of Jesus’ coming to her village, Mary Magdalene prepared an alabaster vial of perfume with all her sincerity to bring it to Jesus. She anointed Him with the fragrant oil, and the strong fragrance of love that surrounded her body. Endless tears welled up and flowed down on her face because His love healed and comforted her heart that had been run over by the wheels of misfortune in her life. She had been completely broken into pieces yet her heart was overwhelmed with His love.

We can say these tears do not belong to mankind alone. God also shed many tears with the earnest longing and expectation for many people to enter the beautiful heaven as possible.

God created Adam, the first man, to gain true children with whom He would be able to share true love forever. Since Adam committed sins, however, his descendants became quickly stained with sins and evils. As that result, God couldn’t but judge the people with the flood at the time of Noah. How full of pain His heart must have been! So many teardrops fell and it was like rain pouring down from God’s eyes. When the drops fell on the edge of God’s cloak, the tears turned into the inscription which reads, “EXPECTATIONS” and it became engraved there. He had full expectations that He would see numerous good, beautiful and true children who would come forth through the process of human cultivation that would resume through Noah.

The Son of God Jesus also shed tears. He shed tears because He knew what would happen after His crucifixion. When He climbed on the Mount of Olive a few days before the crucifixion He cried with tears looking at the city of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41). While His flesh was torn and His bones were exposed during the scourging and crucifixion, He interceded for the souls with tearful prayer saying, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34; Hebrews 5:7).

The author Dr. Jaerock Lee has also accomplished the kingdom of God with so many tears since the foundation of the church. For the last 35 years, his intercession for the souls has never stopped. When he saw the souls staggering in sins and evils and walking the path to hell despite his persistent advice for them to live by the Word, unstoppable tears welled up from his eyes.

Thanks to his tearful prayers, most believers of his church did not only pass through the faith for salvation but also are actively pressing on in faith toward the goal of entering into New Jerusalem, the most beautiful dwelling place in heaven—even in this sin-filled generation.

Since he was called by God as His servant, he offered up as many prayers with fasting in order to understand the will and heart of God. In response to his earnest and persistent prayers, God let him know God’s heart of unfailing love and profound providences embedded in the Bible. And, in deep inspiration God let him know the heart and love of God, prophets, the Lord, and the disciples. All those works were compiled into a book entitled Confessions and now another book “Tears” has been printed with the confessions of the believers who have changed through the realization of the meanings in ‘Love’ and ‘Tears’.


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