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181 Urim Books CEO Discusses Building Church and School in D.R. Congo 2017.12.08
Kyungtae Noh presents Lumeya Dhu Maleghi with a French copy of The Message of the Cross
Kyungtae Noh presents Lumeya Dhu Maleghi with a French copy of The Message of the Cross

By Hyeun Kim, Special to ASSIST News Service

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KINSHASA, D.R. CONGO (ANS, December 6, 2017) -- Mr. Kyungtae Noh, Urim Books CEO, and director of CBA Korea, has held a meeting in Kinshasa with some key ministers of the government of D.R. Congo.

They were Mr. Lumeya Dhu Maleghi, Minister of Land Affairs, and Mr. Jean Lucien Bussa, Minister of Foreign Trade, and they met during the Korean’s missionary trip to this country that he and his associates, made for an evangelistic meeting in Kinshasa from November 13 to 22.

In the meeting, Mr. Noh said many Christians in South Korea believe that South Korea’s dramatic economic growth over the past several decades were God’s blessing, as it came with the revival of Christianity in the country, and he then suggested that building churches and schools could be the starting point for the people of D.R Congo to also receiving the blessings of the Lord.

Kyungtae Noh and Lumeya Dhu MaleghiR smallerIn response, Mr. Maleghi promised to provide 2 acres of land to begin the initial stage of building a church and a school, and Mr. Bussa assured his cooperation in the acquirement of government approvals and permissions for the construction.

Noh also presented to the ministers, a French translation of The Message of the Cross, authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee, which was published with the title Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ in English by Destiny Image Europe.

Photo captions: 1) Two Koreans, including Mr. Kyungtae Noh (far right) meet with Jean Lucien Bussa (second from right) and a colleague, in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo. 2) Kyungtae Noh presents Lumeya Dhu Maleghi with a French copy of The Message of the Cross.

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